welcome to accessibletoronto !

hey all, and welcome to accessibletoronto, focused on raising awareness and acting as a one-stop resource for detailed and accurate information regarding accessibility all around the city of toronto ! currently the blog is being managed and authored by myself, quinto, but i’m hoping that more folks will join up in the near future. if you’re interested in volunteering as an author or as part of the access evaluation crew, please send me a note with your name and contact information and we can get you involved in the project.

accessibletoronto is committed to providing as much information on each venue as possible. i know from countless past experiences that incorrect or incomplete access information can make or break a trip to a store, pub, theatre, doctor’s office, etc., and that situations like those could easily have been prevented if i were able to get the information i needed before figuring it out the hard way. furthermore, i’m not the only one who’s been in this situation before – there are many of us – both in toronto and throughout the province, the country, and the world – who encounter access issues every day of our lives.

there will most definitely be more coming soon ! stay tuned and check back often for updates.

all the best,


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