volunteer callout !

hey there readers !

so as you may have noticed, since the inception of accessibletoronto we’ve only posted two audits. this is for a variety of reasons, including the fact that our dear dreadhead geoff is setting off on an epic journey for three months starting in may, and there’s a lot he has to get done before then. more importantly, though, we’ve come to realize just how huge a project this really is – to be able to properly audit a large number of spaces throughout the city of toronto is going to take a lot of people power. this is where you come in ! we are currently looking for volunteers to help us complete audits. the process is fairly simple – we provide you with the audit file and you (either on a computer, if you happen to own a laptop, or on a printed audit form) go to a space and fill out the audit ! the whole thing usually takes about half an hour. we are in the process of streamlining the form so it might be even less. we recommend doing audits in pairs but you’re more than welcome to go it alone if that’s how you roll. if you’re interested in partnering up with someone we would be happy to match you with another volunteer, or you can get a friend to volunteer as well !

people who would be well-suited for participating in this project are able to devote small chunks of time to completing audits (we’re super flexible about schedules for auditing – “whatever works for you works for us” is our motto). they are passionate about accessibility and have at least a basic understanding of what makes physical spaces accessible or inaccessible. they are also willing to meet up with one of the project coordinators (myself or geoff) before their first audit to get a crash course on accessibletoronto and to do a first audit together to get the hang of things.

so don’t be shy – if you’re interested in volunteering with us or have any questions about volunteering, please drop us a line by leaving a comment or emailing us at contactaccessibletoronto@gmail.com. we will get back to you as promptly as we can ! we like promptness. it’s cool.

all the best and hope to work with you soon !

– quinto

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