about accessibletoronto

about accessibletoronto

accessibletoronto is an access resource – an archive of accessible spaces throughout the city of toronto. this will grow to include shops, event spaces, cultural spaces, grocery stores, medical services, and other public spaces. suggestions for future reviews are always welcome and can be emailed to the accessibletoronto team. if you are interested in volunteering with the project or have any other questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to get in contact.

the accessibletoronto team would also like to thank the radical access mapping project out of vancouver for their original audit form, which our audit was adapted from. we are eternally grateful to RAMP for their groundbreaking work in the accessibility auditing field, which informed a lot of the work we at AT are doing here in the toronto area.

2 thoughts on “about accessibletoronto

  1. geoff / kylie / quinto

    One additional observation. It appears that your forms address the built environment. How would your forms change if you would survey projects during the design / construction document phase of a project? How would they change for surveying a project during construction?

    • dear john,
      we’re not sure at the moment that we’re ready to take on the task of auditing or providing information/advice to spaces/builders/designers/architects during the design/build phase of a project; our project deals more with the realities of built environments that currently exist in our city.

      – quinto @ accessibletoronto

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